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for face, scalp and body


Tone Stone is a natural, healing beauty treatment, based on an ancient Asian massage technique that helps stimulate blood circulation, boost lymphatic drainage and promote metabolic cell repair. The overall effect is a clearer complexion, improved texture, skin tone and a radiant glow.  Housed in a toteable velour pouch and Biodara box.






    FOR FACE:  Massage Luminous or Cell Refresh Serum onto cleansed skin. Using gentle and smooth pressure, slowly glide the smooth side of the Jade Massager upwards starting from the neck and onto the center of the face, out toward the hairline.  Scrape in one direction using soft, yet firm strokes, paying close attention along the jawbone, cheekbone and brow bone to help release tension and stress.  Follow with Immortal Mist and Cell Refresh Face Serum.


    SCALP:  Massaging the scalp helps stimulate blood circulation to hair follicles promoting new hair growth, reducing hair loss and fatigue. Use the comb side in GENTLE, circular motions starting from the center, front of your forehead hair line. Move from front to back all the way down to the base of your skull. Repeat circular motion on both sides of the head.



    BODY:  Use the smooth-edged side to “scrape” along the meridians of the body using short or long strokes and varying amounts of pressure with the intention of removing stagnation along the chi points for stimulating blood circulation, detoxification, lymphatic drainage, and also pain relief.


    *For best results, massage Cell Refresh or Luminous Oil onto skin/scalp before using the Tone Stone Jade Massager for smoother slip and infusing nutrients and increased glow.

    **Made of natural stone, each piece is unique and might have a slight difference in color, vein, lines and shape.

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