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How to Cleanse Your Face With Luminous Cleansing Oil

Luminous Cleansing Oil Direction tips: 1. Dispense a few pumps of Cleanser onto palm. Using fingertips, massage around face and neck using gentle upward, circular strokes.

2. Wet the cleansing cloth with warm to hot water and wring out the excess. Spread the heated cloth over the face, allowing the pores to open and breathe in the lovely aromatherapy.

3. With cloth slightly cooled, gently wipe over face, neck and eyes to remove all dirt, oil and make-up.

4. Place rinsed cleansing cloth on palms and gently wash face with warm water in circular motions.

5. Final rinse with cool water. Gently pat dry with cotton towel and then spritz with Immortal Mist and follow with Cell Refresh Serum.


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