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Is the bath half full or half empty?

In many of my bath pictures I share, the water is only filled halfway. This is a therapeutic bath I try to take at least a few times a week that my acupuncturist shared with me years ago to help increase the blood circulation in my body.

Known as the “half bath”, or in korean, ban-shin-yok, the key is to immerse your lower body in a hot bath (up to your belly button), without letting your upper body, including your hands and arms, get wet. The difference in temperature between the lower and upper body warms your body core and boosts the blood flow. The half bath helps helps release muscular tension, aids in the body’s detoxification process and helps calm the nervous system.

After sitting in the bath for 10 minutes, you should start to sweat profusely. This was such a weird sensation for me. I used to never perspire; if I was overheated, my cheeks would just turn super red and I would just feel weak and a little dizzy; sometimes my body would break out in a rash.

When I first started taking the half baths, my acupuncturist instructed me to only stay in the bath for 10 minutes-the reason being my system was very weak and he didn’t want the bath to be too taxing on my body. Now I’m able to take 30 minute baths and completely enjoy that exhilarating feeling of my pores opening and perspiring. The best past is after the bath you feel so relaxed and calm and your whole body is glowing radiantly.

Here are some tips:

  • Add a couple scoops of the Blue Botanical or Hinoki Silky Bath Soak to help in detoxification and relaxation

  • Use a bath board or caddy to rest your arms on

  • Try jade rolling or gua sha to help aid in lymphatic drainage

  • Soak for at least 10 minutes. Usually 30 minutes is fine if you are healthy

  • Make sure to drink some warm tea or water to stay hydrated

  • Take a cool shower

  • Be prepared to be very relaxed

  • Enjoy your glow!


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